Convention Schedule

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ようこそ!  Welcome to our Convention Schedule Page!

The following conventions are confirmed unless noted otherwise, but we have applied/are applying to many more, as their schedules dictate.  We are open to exhibiting at anime, geek, scifi/fantasy, quilting/sewing, and other conventions across the continental United States, so if your convention isn’t on our list, please email to tell us about it!


January 13-15: OhayoCon, Columbus OH

January 27-29: Animé Los Angeles, Ontario CA

February 5-14:  Tangerine Mountain Trip #1 to Japan 2017!

February 17-19: Anime Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI

February 24-26: Anime Crossroads, Indianapolis IN

March 10-12: Naka-Kon, Overland Park, KS

March 31 – April 2: Anime Boston, Boston, MA

April 7-9: Anime Detour, Bloomington, MN

April 21-23: No Brand Con, Wisconsin Dells, WI

April 30-May 12:  Tangerine Mountain Trip #2 to Japan 2017!

May 19-21: Anime Central, Rosemont, IL

June 1-4: ColossalCon, Sandusky, OH

June 16-18: JAFAX, Grand Rapids, MI

June 24-25: Anime Festival Wichita, Wichita, KS

July 6-9:  ConnectiCon, Hartford, CT

July 28-30: Anime Iowa, Coralville, IA

August 17-20: AnimeFest Dallas, Dallas, TX

August 18-20: Costa Mesa Bead & Jewelry Expo, Costa Mesa, CA

August 25-27: Geek.kon, Madison, WI

August 27:  Japan House Matsuri, Champagne, IL

September 1-3: San Japan, San Antonio, TX

September 9: JASK Festival, Lexington, KY

September 14 – 26: Tangerine Mountain Trip #3 to Japan 2017!

September 23:  JTCC Aki Matsuri, Costa Mesa, CA

October 13-15: Tsubasa Con, Huntington, WV

October 13-15:  OC Japan Fair, Costa Mesa, CA

October 20-22: Anime Fusion, Bloomington, MN

November 4-5: Dapper Day, Anaheim, CA

November 10-12: Anime Nebraskon, Omaha, NE

November 17-19:  Anime NYC , New York City, NY