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Tangerine Mountain’s Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale has been EXTENDED!
(Read to the end for full list of coupon codes and discounts!)
Hey everyone! Due to reports of people not getting their direct deposits from their jobs in advance of the holiday, and some shenanigans we experienced that occurred during our sale, we’ve decided to extend our sales event for an additional week to give legitimate purchasers the opportunity to acquire the things they wanted most during our sales event. If you haven’t already seen our previous note and video about those shenanigans, you can check out our Business Statements and Announcements section of our website or see them on our socials. Otherwise, here’s a couple of important notes for everyone!

We are figuring out how many additional “Stuff-a-Cube” boxes we will be adding to our webstore today and tomorrow, and we WILL make an announcement before we drop those quantities on the webstore so that you can be ready! See our note in our previous announcement regarding processing times.

We are also going to begin processing and packing the orders that have come in between Friday and last night, so that we can start getting you all your awesome stuff! If you have already purchased items from us, but plan to keep shopping this week, please let us know so that we can hold your current orders from shipping!

We’ve decided that just like last week, if you order multiple times during this Sales Extension period, WE WILL CONSOLIDATE YOUR ORDERS, AND REFUND SHIPPING CHARGES AS APPROPRIATE. That means that anything ordered between today and December 5th will not be packed or processed until December 6th, to ensure that we can consolidate multiple orders. (Plus, we’re hoping to add even more items to our webstore in general during this period, so you may find even more that you like!)

Lastly, just a reminder that we’ve partnered with Affirm to offer our shoppers the same robust “Buy Now, Pay Later” / Payment Plan option that is used on Amazon and Walmart’s shopping platforms. It’s far more efficient and streamlined compared to how we used to do payment plans, and they give you super flexible options, should you choose to go that route. That option will be visible in your shopping cart at Checkout. So, feel free to go a little nuts, get ready to enjoy your stuff right away, and relax in the comfort that you can pay over time while still getting a great deal!

And now without further ado, here’s your full Coupon Code and Discount List!
75PCTOFFSTUFFACUBE for 75% off everything in the “Stuff-A-Cube” Category
25PCTOFFKIMONOSETS for 25% off everything in the “Kimono and Obi Sets” Category, including Furisode Sets
25PCTOFFKITSUKE for 25% off everything in the “Kimono Dressing Accessories and Socks” Category, including Obijime and Obiage
25PCTOFFJACKETS for 25% off everything in the “Kimono Jackets” Category, including Tsumugi
All Pre-Tied Obi are 50% off, no Coupon Code Required!
20PCTOFFSHOES for 20% off all Shoes
20PCTOFFCOTTON for 20% off all Japanese Cotton Fabric
20PCTCFQ for 20% off all Cotton Fat Quarter Bundles
10PCTOFFCULTURE for 10% off all Cultural Items
10PCTOFFPLUSH for 10% off all Plush
All Snacks on Sale now, no Coupon Code Required!