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きもの御司神田  X  みかん山

Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda X Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs


Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs was co-founded by sisters Cheri Santellano and Teri Noto, with the goal of sharing their love of Japanese culture with the world.  With the help of our family and friends, since 2014, we have travelled the United States with all kinds of vintage wafuku (Japanese clothing), like kimono and obi.  During our travels, we have taught people how to wear kimono in traditional and modern ways, told them about kimono trends they see in Japan, and have made it possible for ordinary people in the United States to experience some of the most beautiful clothing in the world.

Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda is a formal kimono shop that was established in 1919 by Mitsujiro Kanda.  It is located in central Kanonji City, on the beautiful western edge of the Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku, Japan.  This third-generation family business is currently run by Misato and Koichiro Kanda, and has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality kimono available to their customers in Japan since its inception.  To ensure the quality and beauty of their custom fashions, they source their fabrics and kimono materials directly from Kyoto.  Utilizing traditional Japanese methods, Japanese artists weave and dye every bolt of fabric, and each kimono is lovingly hand-sewn by a first-class professional kimono seamstress.

Thanks to Tangerine Mountain’s appearance on TV Tokyo’s smash hit show, “YOUは何しに日本へ?” (“Why did YOU come to Japan?”), the two businesses became aware of each other in late 2017 and started discussing their shared goals of helping the world experience the beauty of kimono.  After many months of discussion, hard work, and dedication to their mutual goals, Tangerine Mountain and Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda are proud to offer to the first “Luxury Line” of custom-tailored, hand-crafted, pure silk kimono to the United States.  This collaboration would not be possible without our shared love of and dedication to cultural exchange through kimono, and we invite you to welcome the beauty, tradition, and fashion of kimono into your life.  Do you kimono?  Yukata do it!


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