Kazuko Shibuya (澁谷和子): 1932 – Present


Kazuko Shibuya was born in 1932 and studied dyeing at Kyoto City Art University under Kozo Tomonosuke (1898-1966) and Nenjiro Inagaki (1902-1963). It was an era when women were still unwilling to go to college in Japan. She took a part-time job of Nishijin textile designs to cover her tuition while she was undergraduate at the college and continued dyeing after the completing the major in 1957 while she was also exhibiting her work vigorously at public exhibitions and other events. She earned a high evaluation from the early days, such as winning a mayoral prize at the Kyoto Exhibition in 1958, and receiving Special Selection at Nitten in 1964.

With her sense of color and a striking screen composition, and also with excellent color sensation, she vividly colonized the cloth with a wide range of subjects ranging from something concrete (like flowers and birds) to abstracts (like geometrical graphics) by skillful stencil dyeing and wax dyeing techniques.   Her work is unparalleled in the variety of styles she uses, such as incorporating hooks, paper, and ceramics into her handling materials.

She received the Kyoto Art Culture Award in 1998 and the Kyoto City Art Achievement Award in 2003. Motivation for expression is still strong even now after she hit the age of 88.


澁谷和子(1932 年生まれ)は、京都市立美術大学で小合友之助(1898 1966)と稲垣稔次郎(1902 1963)に染織を学んだ。まだ女性が大学へ進むことが当たり前ではなかった時代だ。学費を得るため在学中から西陣織の図案のアルバイトに携わり、1957 年に専攻科を修了後も染色を続ける一方、公募展などで作品を精力的に発表してきた。58 年に京展で市長賞、64 年には日展で特選を獲得するなど、早くから高い評価を受けた。

優れた色彩感覚と洒脱な画面構成が持ち味で、花鳥をはじめとする具象から幾何学的な抽象まで幅広い題材を、熟達した型染めや蝋染めの技法で布の上に鮮やかに定着させる。素材にフックや紙を取り入れたり、陶芸も手掛けたりと、作風の多彩さにおいても他の追随を許さない。98 年に京都美術文化賞、2003 年には京都市芸術功労賞を受賞した。傘寿を過ぎた現在も表現への意欲は旺盛だ。