Toru Kuroda (黒田暢): 1929 – Present


Toru Kuroda was born at Kyoto in 1929, and graduated at Kyoto City Art College in 1948. Starting with Nitten (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition) in 1949, he won numerous awards including the Governor’s Prize in Kyoto Prefecture in 1950, the Mayor of Kyoto Exhibition in 1954, the 10th Anniversary Award for Contemporary Crafts in 1971, the Special Exhibition Award at Nitten in 1974, and the Kyoto Exhibition Award in 1986.


1929年京都生まれ。1948 京都市立美術専門学校卒業。1949年日展入選を皮切りに、1950年京都府工美展知事賞、1954年京展市長賞、1971年現代工芸10周年記念賞、1974年日展特選、1986年京展京展賞など多数受賞。