Ordering Process Summary and FAQ

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Excited to order your own Custom Kimono, but unsure of where to start?  Don’t worry – ordering your custom kimono is easy and fun!

  • Once you find the bolt of fabric that you would like to have created into a custom kimono (or a bolt of fabric that you would like to acquire for your own creation), please fill out the form available through the “Inquiry” button by each piece.


  • Fill out the necessary information in the inquiry form, which includes your contact information, measurements, whether you want your sleeves stitched shut at the armpits (/made into a “men’s” kimono) or whether you want your sleeves stitched open at the armpits (/made into a “woman’s” kimono)* etc., and any other information we may need to know in the comment box provided.
  • Please note that as far as sizing goes, the largest and smallest size that any particular garment can be constructed will depend on the bolt of fabric selected.  But try not to worry – while it’s true that bolts of kimono fabric (/tanmono) have historically had certain “standard” sizes, those sizes have been increasing over time…which means larger sizes are possible and generally available!
    • A quick note about genders and sleeves:  Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs and Kimono Ontsukasa Kinda understand that gender is far more complex and beautiful than the stitching of a single sleeve. We believe every customer is the expert in their own gender identity; so, when you select your bolt, you will have the opportunity to tell us whether you want your kimono to have open sleeves at the armpit or shut sleeves at the armpit, so that your kimono truly matches who you are. No matter how you identify, we want to make you feel comfortable and beautiful in your custom creation.
    • Please also note:  we strongly encourage you to have your measurements taken by a professional, as sizing / fit is based upon the measurements you provide, and we are not responsible for measuring errors!
  • Click the “Submit” button when ready!  That will send us an email with your inquiry and all your information.  From there, we take that information and work with the Kandas to ensure that the bolt you desire is still available for creating a custom kimono to your specifications.
  • If your desired kimono is not available, or cannot be created according to your specifications, we will help you select a similar piece that meets your needs to the best of our ability.
  • If your desired kimono *is* still available, we will let you know, and we will mail you a hard copy  of our order form, which will detail the costs of the piece as well as the deposit requirements and payment plans available.
  • Fill out the form and send it back to us via the self-addressed and stamped return envelope that will be included in your order form packet.  Once sent, make your first payment / deposit.
  • Once we receive your order form and deposit, the kimono-making process will begin.  The kimono making process is broken down into four main components:
    • 1) “Saidan,” or the cutting of the fabric per the customer’s measurements,
    • 2) “Omote,” or the sewing of the surface of the kimono,
    • 3) “Ura,” or the sewing of the lining (like hakkake, uraginu, etc.), and
    • 4) “Awase,” or the sewing together of the “Omote” and “Ura” to complete the garment
  • While not guaranteed, whenever possible, we will provide photos of the garment at various points throughout the creation process.
  • We will require you to continue to remit your payments towards the piece in a timely manner to ensure the continued work on your kimono.  Given the time and labor-intensive work that custom kimono creation is, There will be no refunds or cancellations allowed!
  • Once the garment is complete, it will be sent directly from Japan to Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs for customs clearance and final inspection, before sending your new custom kimono straight to your door!  At each step of the way, to ensure its safety in transit, your garment will be sent in the safest way possible; with ample protective packaging, handled by proven carriers, insured for the full value of the order, and will require a signature upon delivery to you.
  • Once you receive your order, unbox and enjoy!  We hope that you enjoy your new kimono so much that you take lots of photos of yourself in your new garment and post them to our Facebook wall!

If you have any additional questions regarding this ordering process, please reach out to us at [email protected]


Please note that this Ordering Process Summary is subject to change, and that further details that pertain specifically to your prospective order will be provided after we receive your inquiry.  Submission of an inquiry does not constitute making an order.  When filling out the inquiry form and order form, we strongly encourage you to have your measurements taken by a professional, as proper fit and construction of the garment will be based upon the measurements you provide.  Neither Tangerine Mountain nor Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda are responsible for ill-fitting garments or incorrectly taken measurements.  From start to finish, the custom kimono process will usually take up to one month to produce before being shipped to your door.  However, production and shipping times may vary, and will be updated based on each individual order.  For full shipping terms for custom kimono orders, please click <here>.