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March 23, 2024

Tangerine Mountain is proud to Sponsor Anime Boston 2024!  Check us out at Booth 1516 in the Vendor Hall, Friday Mar 29, 2024 – Sunday Mar 31, 2024!

To see more Anime Boston Exhibitors or learn more about the show, check out their page here.

This year, in addition to bringing our vintage and modern imported Japanese Kimono and Yukata to Anime Boston, we as an organization are highlighting Japanese American voices by spotlighting their hand-created works that celebrate Japanese tradition, arts, and fashion. Our Artist Highlights inlclude:

Lori Hamamoto:  Lori Hamamoto is a third-generation (sansei) Japanese American artist. She incorporates Japanese designs and fabrics into clothing and household items, so that every day one can experience Japanese style. We hope you enjoy her beautiful furoshiki bags, kimono knot bags, hand-made housewares, and apparel.

Sharon Inouye:  Sharon Inouye is fourth-generation (yonsei) Japanese American artist, and loves working with kimono and obi material to create wearable art out of these beloved textiles.  We hope you enjoy her gorgeous necklace pendants, made with Tangerine Mountain vintage and antique kimono fabric.

Jack Matsumoto : Jack Matsumoto is a third-generation (sansei) Japanese American. In his work, he strives to honor the aesthetics and philosophy of traditional Japanese Art while incorporating contemporary materials and techniques.  We hope you enjoy his paintings of Japanese landscapes, koi, and samurai.

Stay tuned for more exciting ways in which we will be bringing the arts of Japan and Japanese voices to events in 2024!

Also please note:  Tangerine Mountain will be present at many of our regularly-attended events this year, and we are working hard within our organization and with those events to bring you the best kimono has to offer!  We’re changing some things up this year, but have no fear: this will be a fantastic year of change and growth as we continue in our mission to bring access to authentic materials and accurate education in English to everyone who wants to learn about the fashion tradition and arts of Japan!

Tangerine Mountain is open to exhibiting at Japanese culture, anime, geek, quilting/sewing, and other kinds of events across the continental United States and beyond.  We are particularly interested in working with Non-Profit organizations, and hope we can work together to fulfill our shared missions! If you would like us to create a special program for your school or organization, please email [email protected].  And please keep checking back at our Convention Appearances page for our next event announcement.  Rather than posting our entire year’s roster all at once, starting in 2024 we will be announcing our shows on this page one-at-a-time, so that we can highlight new things and exciting announcements coming to each event.

May 6, 2023

Come join Tangerine Mountain as we celebrate at the Japan House Matsuri!  Saturday May 6, 2023, @ 2000 S. Lincoln Ave. in Urbana Illinois from 12-9pm! Admission to the Matsuri Festival and all performances are FREE, and paid food and activities are budget-friendly. All events and activities will take place outside in the Arboretum rain or shine.

Please also be sure to support small business this weekend, and shop the amazing lineup of vendors who will be at the event!

Vendor List:

– Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs – New and vintage kimono and obi sets, haori, kimono grab bags, fabric, zori, tabi, kitsuke accessories, and more

– Fast Food Anime  Fast Food Anime – DVDs, manga, CDs, key chains, patches, pins, plushies, wall scrolls, figures, assorted novelty merchandise, and snacks (including Pocky, ramune, and gummies)

– Pipapo – Jewelry with personality

– Sansei Artisans – Sumi-e style paintings by Jack Matsumoto

– The Wright Soapery – Palm oil free soap made in the traditional cold process method

– Piper Pottery + Crafts – Handmade pottery for the home

– SNL Designz – Japanese inspired jewelry, scarves, clothing and furoshiki

– Japan House – Matsuri t-shirts, art by Zenkyu Niwa, and other delightful gifts!

– The Literary – books such as manga and more from a local indie bookshop/bar

– Aqua and Ink – locally made watercolor and traditional Japanese black ink art pieces by Satomi Kamei

– Jace and Judy- locally made goods that are useful and novel (often with a face because that is Judy’s aesthetic!)

– Fabrikate- Handmade, one-of-a-kind purses, wallets, backpacks, festival bags and more

– Angel’s Wire Art – metal wire art

– Balloon Design at Illinois – delightful and creative balloon creations

– Japanese Student Association (JSA) 2022-2023 – custom made stickers and key chains.

To see a list of all of all Japan House at the University of Illinois supporters, the official schedule of performers, as well as the list of both food and retail vendors, please visit:

Tangerine Mountain is proud to announce that our Traveling Kimono Exhibition will be presented at Anime Boston 2023!
As Industry Sponsors, the Exhibition will back our expanded space located within the Vendor Hall. And, we will be announcing a robust lineup of educational programming that will occur from within the Exhibition Space throughout the weekend.


November 29, 2022


Tangerine Mountain’s Black Friday – Cyber Monday Sale has been EXTENDED!
(Read to the end for full list of coupon codes and discounts!)
Hey everyone! Due to reports of people not getting their direct deposits from their jobs in advance of the holiday, and some shenanigans we experienced that occurred during our sale, we’ve decided to extend our sales event for an additional week to give legitimate purchasers the opportunity to acquire the things they wanted most during our sales event. If you haven’t already seen our previous note and video about those shenanigans, you can check out our Business Statements and Announcements section of our website or see them on our socials. Otherwise, here’s a couple of important notes for everyone!

We are figuring out how many additional “Stuff-a-Cube” boxes we will be adding to our webstore today and tomorrow, and we WILL make an announcement before we drop those quantities on the webstore so that you can be ready! See our note in our previous announcement regarding processing times.

We are also going to begin processing and packing the orders that have come in between Friday and last night, so that we can start getting you all your awesome stuff! If you have already purchased items from us, but plan to keep shopping this week, please let us know so that we can hold your current orders from shipping!

We’ve decided that just like last week, if you order multiple times during this Sales Extension period, WE WILL CONSOLIDATE YOUR ORDERS, AND REFUND SHIPPING CHARGES AS APPROPRIATE. That means that anything ordered between today and December 5th will not be packed or processed until December 6th, to ensure that we can consolidate multiple orders. (Plus, we’re hoping to add even more items to our webstore in general during this period, so you may find even more that you like!)

Lastly, just a reminder that we’ve partnered with Affirm to offer our shoppers the same robust “Buy Now, Pay Later” / Payment Plan option that is used on Amazon and Walmart’s shopping platforms. It’s far more efficient and streamlined compared to how we used to do payment plans, and they give you super flexible options, should you choose to go that route. That option will be visible in your shopping cart at Checkout. So, feel free to go a little nuts, get ready to enjoy your stuff right away, and relax in the comfort that you can pay over time while still getting a great deal!

And now without further ado, here’s your full Coupon Code and Discount List!
75PCTOFFSTUFFACUBE for 75% off everything in the “Stuff-A-Cube” Category
25PCTOFFKIMONOSETS for 25% off everything in the “Kimono and Obi Sets” Category, including Furisode Sets
25PCTOFFKITSUKE for 25% off everything in the “Kimono Dressing Accessories and Socks” Category, including Obijime and Obiage
25PCTOFFJACKETS for 25% off everything in the “Kimono Jackets” Category, including Tsumugi
All Pre-Tied Obi are 50% off, no Coupon Code Required!
20PCTOFFSHOES for 20% off all Shoes
20PCTOFFCOTTON for 20% off all Japanese Cotton Fabric
20PCTCFQ for 20% off all Cotton Fat Quarter Bundles
10PCTOFFCULTURE for 10% off all Cultural Items
10PCTOFFPLUSH for 10% off all Plush
All Snacks on Sale now, no Coupon Code Required!
November 24, 2022

Our #BlackFriday2022 Sales Event starts Friday 11/25 at 12:01 AM CST here on our webstore,! We’ve been toiling away for literal months to get some of the most compelling stock (and deals!) we’ve ever had! Be ready for some extra fun if you’re a member of our Secret Stash Facebook Group, because you all get an additional 5% off with stackable coupon code located in our group page when applied at checkout!

**IF YOU ORDER MULTIPLE TIMES DURING OUR BLACK FIRDAY THROUGH CYBER MONDAY SALES EVENT, WE WILL CONSOLIDATE YOUR ORDERS, AND REFUND SHIPPING CHARGES AS APPROPRIATE!**  We want to make sure you all know this, because we’re STILL uploading more and more inventory — like over 100 Kimono Sets, 100+ Kimono Jackets, Obi, Dressing Accessories, and more (like, literally while I’m typing this! XD), so be sure to keep checking back, and know that we have your back and won’t let you pay extra shipping if you make multiple orders.

AND REMEMBER: We’ve partnered with Affirm to offer our shoppers the same robust “Buy Now, Pay Later” option that is used on Amazon and Walmart’s shopping platforms. So, feel free to go a little nuts, get ready to enjoy your stuff right away, and relax in the comfort that you can pay over time while still getting a great deal!

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, and a successful hunt! Happy Shopping everyone, and KEEP CHECKING BACK for more stock additions and surprises throughout the weekend!
(Text-readable versions of our coupon codes are located below!)

75PCTOFFSTUFFACUBE for 75% off everything in the “Stuff-A-Cube” Category

25PCTOFFKIMONOSETS for 25% off everything in the “Kimono and Obi Sets” Category, including Furisode Sets

25PCTOFFKITSUKE for 25% off everything in the “Kimono Dressing Accessories and Socks”  Category

20PCTOFFJACKETS for 25% off everything in the “Kimono Jackets” Category, including Tsumugi

20PCTOFFCOTTON for 20% off all Japanese Cotton Fabric

10PCTOFFCULTURE for 10% off all Cultural Items

10PCTOFFPLUSH for 10% off all Plush

May 12, 2022

Come along and join Tangerine Mountain at Japan House at the University of Illinois this Sunday May 15th, as we enjoy their 3rd Shinrin Onyoku, a free outdoor music series in the gardens at Japan House!

We will have a 20×20 pop-up tent on the south side of the gardens, and we will have an amazing selection of kimono, yukata, & other fun items (and as always, we’ll slip some fun kimono education in when you least expect it!).

Bloco Gavião, a local Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble, who will be performing throughout the day. So come on out for a stroll through the gardens, and come kimono with us to the beat of some amazing music with your family and friends!

Be sure to register (for free) and to pre-order your Musubi Snack Box by Friday at 5pm. ($12 – Quantities are limited.)

Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs will be open on the south side of Japan House from 1-6pm.  Matcha Cafe opens at 4pm, music starts at 4:30.

For more information, please visit Japan House on Facebook @JapanHouseUofI, or online at

April 22, 2022
Hello everyone!  This past Monday, April 18th,  Tangerine Mountain was featured on the Japanese Prime Time TV Hit “YOUは何しに日本へ,” which showed how we survived Covid and are still going strong.  But, as you may have also seen, I’ve had a surprise in my personal life along the way that was touched on briefly in the show.
This past December, a rather large colony of bats invaded the attic and walls of my family’s home.  I didn’t discuss the full extent of the situation or its seriousness with TVTokyo because I wanted Tangerine Mountain’s return to Japanese airwaves to be focused on our resilience and our dedication to cultural exchange through kimono.  But, now that the “bat is out of the bag,” I can share that due to the bats, my family has not been able to live in our home since December 15th of 2021.  The damage done by the bats is extensive and dangerous enough that our home needs to be gutted to the studs.  It will have to be remediated much like a fire situation would be, and then it will need to be rebuilt from the inside out before it can be safely inhabitable again.  Our HVAC system also became contaminated by the bats, and the only way one can safely enter my home is with P-100 masks and safety suits that look a bit like hazmat gear. Currently, we are working with professionals to determine how much of our personal possessions can be salvaged, and how much of them are a total loss; and sadly, it seems that there is a lot of total loss so far.
I share this because it has affected literally every aspect of my family’s lives, and has bled over into affecting my business.  Even on the day of filming with TVTokyo on location in Tangerine Mountain’s new headquarters, I was receiving emails and information about the ongoing bat situation at my home.  The lack of sleep and stress leading up to that day of filming distracted me enough that I did not realize I dressed myself “dead,” with the right side of my kimono being placed over my left while dressing.  This blunder didn’t even register until I saw the airing of the episode myself on Monday.
I know that such an error is culturally significant, and that it was noticed by some fellow kimono-wearers as they watched.  I felt ill, and worried that I perhaps dented Tangerine Mountain’s reputation or ruined the positive potential that can come from such awesome exposure.  But thankfully, despite this sleep-deprived mistake on my part, I have received nothing but positive messages of support from Japanese people, Japanese businesses, and fellow kimono enthusiasts.  I am heartened and grateful that everyone has instead focused on the passion and determination Tangerine Mountain has to share kimono with the world.
So, in true Tangerine Mountain fashion, I hope that everyone who watches the episode or reads this message can turn this into a learning moment.  So many times, when non-Japanese people come to Tangerine Mountain, they tell us they’ve been afraid to participate in kimono because they’re afraid of making a mistake.  Well friends, as someone who made a kimono mistake for literally all of Japan to see, here’s what I think we should take away from this:
Everyone, from kimono beginners to the most seasoned of kimono professionals will sometimes make mistakes, and that’s OK.  Kimono can and should be celebrated by everyone, because even when worn incorrectly, kimono have the power to bring people from different countries and cultures together in beautiful and transformative ways. Every Japanese person who has reached out has been excited that foreigners love kimono, and  they want to share messages of love and support for foreigners wearing kimono in general, and for what we do at Tangerine Mountian specifically.  And, despite the (literally) batty situation in my life, I’m making the active choice to not let an error get me down or deter me from my mission to share kimono with the world.
We are all human, and as long as we allow ourselves to learn and grow from our missteps, then we are moving meaningfully forward to better understanding people from around the world (and even ourselves) along the way.  So friends, be kind when you or others around you make mistakes, and don’t let fear of making a mistake hold you back.  And of course: when dressing in kimono, left side over right.  (^_~)
Thank you all for your love and support for me, my family, and Tangerine Mountain. We wouldn’t still be here without you. ❤️ We have been actively working on some very big plans for the future, and we are so excited to be able to share those plans with you as they come to fruition; so stay tuned!
Cheri Santellano
Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs
April 18, 2022

Be sure to watch as Tangerine Mountain returns to Japanese airwaves on the Japanese PrimeTime TV hit: “YOUは何しに日本へ ” this Monday April 18th at 6:25pm JPN (April 18th 4:25am CST)!

We are so excited to return to the show for this episode, and want to thank TVTokyo, the director, translator, coordinators, producers, filmographers, staff, and everyone in Japan and the US that has made this appearance on their show possible. And here’s a special shout-out to our customers and Roast 808 who joined us for filming and provided photos — can’t wait to see you on TV!

You should be able to watch it live on the “YOUは何しに日本へ” page directly when it happens if you have a VPN set to a Japan server. But I’ve also been told that it is part of the Sky-Stream “A” streaming package as well. You will have to pay for their service, but if you love Japanese TV it gives you access to 16 different channels.

Here’s the official show link:

And here is the Sky Stream link:

November 15, 2022
Tangerine Mountain x Kimono Day
Tangerine Mountain would like to cordially invite you to our Grand Opening Reception and Celebration of Kimono Day!
Tangerine Mountain Headquarters
5420 Newport Drive, Unit 59, Rolling Meadows IL 60008
Open House: 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Welcome Remarks: 4:15 pm

Ribbon Cutting: 4:30 pm

(Please RSVP )

About “着物の日”/ “Kimono Day”
During the Tokyo Olympics Ceremonies of 1964, people gathered from around the world to watch and participate in the first Olympic Games held in Asia. The Games were an enormous success for Japan, helping the nation emerge from the shadows of war, and helping people around the world learn about the many wonderful arts and cultural practices of Japan. In particular, people around the world voiced a great desire to see and learn more about the cultural dress of Japan: the kimono.
In response to this desire, the “All Japan Kimono Promotion Association” was established in 1966. The Association’s primary goal was to increase opportunities for cultural exchange with Japan through kimono. To help accomplish this goal, they decided to establish a specific day of celebration that could bring the world together through a shared love of kimono. As a result, they dubbed November 15th as “着物の日,” (pronounced “key-mo-no no hee”), or “Kimono Day,” to help increase education and access to kimono. Now, this day is celebrated worldwide as a day of cultural exchange with Japan through a shared love of kimono.
Since our inception, Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs has been dedicated to engaging with people from all backgrounds and ethnicities in cultural exchange with Japan through kimono. As the largest importer of vintage Japanese kimono to the United States of America, we invite you to join kimono lovers and all who are interested in Japan to celebrate kimono with us as we officially open our new headquarters on “着物の日”/ “Kimono Day.”
Tangerine Mountain Headquarters
5420 Newport Drive, Suite 59
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Tangerine Mountain x eJournal
Tangerine Mountain is honored to announce that we have been interviewed for the November 2021 issue of the eJournal, published by the Consulate General of Japan in Chicago. As an entity that has exhibited kimono at the Consular Information Center and have participated in activities sponsored and hosted by the Consulate, we were thrilled to have the chance to have an in-depth conversation about Tangerine Mountain’s journey.  It will be released in time to coincide with the world-wide celebration of Kimono Day (November 15th), and we hope you  have a chance to read it!
When this article is released, it will be distributed digitally to all eJournal subscribers, as well as via direct link here: e-Japan Journal Monthly Webletter | Consulate-General of Japan in Chicago (  Special thanks to Cheyanne Flowers and Kojima Sawako for allowing us this great opportunity to share our love of Japanese culture and kimono.
We hope you’re ready…because this Black Friday is going to be our biggest and best sale event ever!  We know that due to supply chain issues and Covid concerns, many stores are staying closed or cancelling their #BlackFriday events; but we’ve been preparing for months and have some pretty awesome online deals lined up just for you!!  So keep your eyes peeled to our website and social media for announcements, teasers, and coupons!  #DoYouKimono? #YukataDoIt!

Tangerine Mountain x Anime Expo Lite 2021

#TangerineMountain is proud to announce that we are official Cultural Content Sponsors for #AnimeExpo Lite 2021!  You all know we love #AX, and we were thrilled when they approached us to create a specially curated #kimono #exhibition that fuses historical #wafuku with ensembles that represent characters from popular #anime you may have heard of, like #DemonSlayer, #RurouniKenshin, #SailorMoon, and more!  But this isn’t just some static display of kimono — we collaborated with our model Tiffany E. / @LadyKage to breathe life into each ensemble with her impressive modeling and acting skills.

This specially curated #exhibition, entitled “Kimono & Anime:  Presented by Tangerine Mountain,” will be presented in 9 segments throughout 4th of July Weekend on the Anime Expo Lite Channel 1 and 2 broadcast as part of a suite of cultural programming.  Then, our full-length feature edition will be available on-demand through #AXLite’s VOD from July 6th – 15th!

But wait – there’s more!  Cheri, Teri, and Tiffany from #TeamTangerine (with a kawaii guest appearance by chibi #Tanjiro!) have recorded a special #education #panel entitled “Kimono Motifs and Cosplay: Presented by Tangerine Mountain” that will run at 6:40 pm pst on Saturday the 3rd on Channel 1!  We’ll cover kimono #motifs (as seen in popular anime like #KimetsunoYaiba), how to evoke characters in cosplay with kimono, and we’ll set the record straight regarding kimono misconceptions in cosplay!  We’ve even put together some pretty amazing looks to help inspire you to utilize kimono in innovative, yet appropriate ways in your cosplay.  There’s more than one way to #kitsuke!

We hope you enjoy this educational content, and that you learn more about kimono cosplay and kimono through the lens of your favorite anime.

Special thanks to Tiffany E. / @LadyKage, whose modeling talent brought these characters to life; and the Fabyan Japanese Gardens of Kane County Illinois for allowing us to film on location (especially Melissa and Marcus).  If you want to learn more about Tangerine Mountain, please visit us at, check out our YouTube channel, and like and subscribe on our socials!

And now for another unveiling! #TangerineMountain is proud to announce our sponsorship of the #worldcosplaysummit and #wcsteamusa!
The World Cosplay Summit USA 2021 Video Finals at will be viewable via Anime Expo® Lite, and are presented this year by #ArdaWigs and hosted by Yaya Han!  Each participating team will receive a prize package that includes gift certificates from presenting sponsor #ArdaWigs and also from your friendly neighborhood #kimono #importer and #educator,Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs!
WCS Team USA 2021 will receive these prize packages as well as a $350 gift certificate, Team 2021 Jackets, a special day tour in Japan from Arda Wigs, a head to toe #Kimonodressing package from #TangerineMountain, and flights to Nagoya, Japan to participate as WCS Alumni at World Cosplay Summit 2022. After their selection, WCS Team USA 2021 will represent the United States in an all-new WCS Craftsmanship and Video Championship taking place August 7 and 8, 2021, and will be streamed around the world!
To catch the selection of WCS Team USA don’t forget to get your ticket and join us July 3-4, 2021 at Anime Expo Lite! (You miiiiiight just see some familiar kimono faces popping up during the #AnimeExpoLite broadcast, so keep your eyes peeled!)
We love the message and mission of the World Cosplay Summit, and we are proud to support WCS Team USA as they compete through #animeexpo and set their sights on #Japan! Good luck to all teams, and know that when it comes to #culturalexchange through #kimono, #japanesefashionhistory, and #education, #WCS and #TangerineMountain have you covered! #DoYouKimono? #YukataDoIt! #KeepCalmKimonoOn!


So we can finally let the cat out of the bag!  #TangerineMountain is so excited to share that in the coming weeks, we will be moving to our new #TangerineHeadquarters, which will be bigger (thank goodness!) and better than ever before! We’ll share location and other details in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, to celebrate, we’re putting on a sale!

Start and End Dates: June 18th to July 5th, (or until stock runs out; this is only while supplies last! )

Main Sale Item:  Our Stuff-a-Cube / Cutter Box Special!  Each Box will be filled with 10 pounds of slightly damaged kimono, obi, and other wafuku that is intended for Kimono Remake.  Cosplayers, LARPers, and Sewers especially love these boxes, as they are great for sourcing Japanese vintage fabrics and help fight textile waste!

Price per box: We’re bringing our Black Friday Pricing BACK for this special Moving Sale event!  So each 10 pound box will be only $33 (pre-shipping)!

Box Themes:  Most of our boxes will be Random mixes; but we will also have some Men’s boxes, some Kid’s boxes, and some Antique/Boro boxes too!  We will not be able to honor special packing requests for these boxes, as we’ve already packed and sealed over 100 boxes in preparation for this sale. But no worries – we’re confident you’ll love what you get!

Where can I get in on this awesomeness?!: Right here! 

How do I get those sweet, sweet deals?!:  At checkout, use Coupon Codes:  MOVINGSALE for 20% Off Everything Site-Wide (except “Stuff-a-Cube” Boxes), and MOVINGBOXES for 66% Off “Stuff-a-Cube” Boxes.

We are thrilled to bring you this sale to celebrate #TangerineMountain moving to a bigger, better office in the Chicago suburbs! We’ve got literally tons of #kimono#obi, and more to move, and we’d rather S.O.S. (Save Our Spines) and ship some of it to you before the big day! Please note that all discounts are pre-ship and will not apply to shipping. We are thrilled to be moving up and moving on, and we have great plans in store for you as we continue in our #KimonoQuest!  So join our #KimonoRevolution and celebrate some goodness!  #DoYouKimono#YukataDoIt#KeepCalmKimonoOn!
Sale period runs June 18 – July 5, 2021; while supplies last.


November 22, 2020

Heads up everyone! We’re announcing our #BlackFriday Sales Event Offerings! Our Sales Event goes live at 11:59 pm CST on Thursday Nov 26th, and will last until 11:59 pm CST Monday Nov 30th. Additional stock *may* be added during the weekend, so keep a close watch!

And Happy #SmallBusinssSaturday!! To celebrate, All #Yukata Sets are now 50% off* at!!  Go snag them while supplies last!! (*Excludes Sailor Moon Yukata Sets.  No coupon code required.)



Below is a text-reader friendly list of what we have in store!

– “Stuff-a-Cube”/Cutter Boxes: Kimono + other wafuku for Upcycling, starting at $25

– $10 Mono Mania: $10 Kimono with a sash, while supplies last

– $10 Michi Mania: $10 Michiyuki Jackets, while supplies last

– $10 Obi Mania: $10 Pre-tied Obi, while supplies last

– Yukata + Obi Sets: Plus Size options available

– Sailor Moon Yukata Sets: Officialy Licensed; Includes Obi

– Kimono + Obi Sets: All types and seasons

– Kimono Grab Bags: The same Fukubukuro you know and love

– Kitsuke Accessories: For all your kimono dressing needs

– Japanese Cotton: Availalbe in both Fat Quarter Packs & by the 1/2 meter

– Kimono Fabric Bundles: Choose your own fabric adventure; great for small projects

– Furoshiki: All the Kitty and Bunny Furoshiki OMG (no joke)

– Kimono Purses: Reversible Kinchaku Bags; Clutch Purses

– Hair Accessories: Kanzashi Clips, Combs, and Picks; Mini Top Hats

– Tabi and Kawaii Socks: Officially Licensed Pokemon and more

– Stationery: Pens, Stickers, Sticky Notes, Sets, and more

– Additional Kawaii Items: Felting Kits; Squishmallows; Folding Fans

#DoYouKimono? #YukataDoIt!


November 1, 2020

Tangerine Mountain is excited to announce our Pop-Up Shop inside the Purple Plum Store!

For November 11th – November 15th only, Tangerine Mountain will be teaming up with for a Pop-Up Shop special event located at the Anime Stuff Store location at 14411 Coil Plus Dr., Suite D, in Plainfield Illinois!

Come in and enjoy shopping from a selection of Tangerine Mountain’s collection of traditional Japanese kimono grab bags, yukata sets, Japanese cotton fat quarter bundles, Japanese stationary, and Japanese snacks! **And, we are pleased to announce we will have a limited supply of Officially Licensed SAILOR MOON YUKATA SETS for sale as well! 😀 ** And check out Anime Stuff Store’s amazing selection of figures, keychains, plush, and more of your favorite anime goodies while you’re at it! Please note that due to COVID-19, customers will be unable to try on items. We will, however, offer measuring services to make sure that customers are able to find the appropriate sizing for their items!

November 11th – November 15th

12pm – 6pm: Wed – Fri

12pm – 7pm: Sat – Sun

If you have any questions about this event, please contact Anime Stuff Store at [email protected], or call them at 815-782-5774. And as always, you can ask us questions via Facebook PM and by email at [email protected] as well!


#DoYouKimono? #YukataDoIt!


September 14, 2020

Tangerine Mountain is very pleased to announce our official model, Tiffany Erickson, also known as LadyKage!

Tiffany is a seasoned cosplayer, model, and spokesperson, and we are thrilled that she will be bringing her extensive talents to showcase the full range of offerings Tangerine Mountain brings to America: everything from traditional and antique Japanese #kimono to the most modern #Japanese #streetfashion.

You may recognize Tiffany from our previous livestream and her latest work modeling with us for the #Ganbaru Day of Giving for #JapanHouse at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. Japan House holds a special place in Tiffany’s heart as well as ours, and we are thrilled to be able to work with her to showcase some of the many ways one can have fun with wafuku in support of this worthy event. Our video entry for the Ganbaru Day of Giving featured some fun, chic, and nontraditional looks you can achieve with kimono and accessories you probably have easily accessible at home, and as you can tell, Tiffany was the perfect person to show you these looks. You can find the video here:

Be sure to like and follow Tangerine Mountain on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Please check your settings to ensure that you have notifications active for when we post new content there and in the Tangerine Mountain Secret Stash group–because Tiffany is going to soon be modeling some highly coveted yukata premiering in the Secret Stash group in a couple of weeks, and in the Name of the Moon, you’ll feel Punished if you miss out! 😁

#DoYouKimono? #YukataDoIt! #ACDCRag #ACDCRagharajuku

Photography credits: (Top) The Portrait Dude (Bottom Left) Melanie Fox (Bottom Center) Short Round’s Playground


August 29, 2020

Thank you to everyone who joined us online for the Japan House “GANBARU! Day of Giving Event” on August 29th. Tangerine Mountain is proud to announce that due to your support through our tandem Flash Sale, we were able to donate $1,000 on behalf of Tangerine Mountain’s customers to help support Japan House in their mission to engage in education and cultural exchange through the arts of Japan.

Japan House is a teaching establishment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, dedicated to allowing visitors to learn about Japanese culture and appreciate Japanese influences and aesthetics. Tangerine Mountain and Japan House share close ties, and we are always happy to support Japan House and engage in education about kimono and Japan with them.

Learn more at their GANBARU! Day of Giving page, where you can find our contributed video presentations we created in conjunction with this event.



July 1, 2020

Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs is pleased to announce we have teamed up with Anime Expo Lite to bring you awesome kimono-related video content this Fourth of July weekend! This content will be presented on AX Lite’s Twitch and YouTube channels Friday, July 3 from 12:00 PM – 11:59 PM (PDT) and Saturday, July 4 from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM (PDT).  After the digital convention is over with, we will be launching this content in our new YouTube channel as well, where we will be working to continuously bring you new digital content!

In addition to this awesome news, in honor of AX, Tangerine Mountain is also bringing you TWO ways to shop with us this weekend!  Our next Flash Sale will go live in our Tangerine Mountain Secret Stash facebook group on July 2nd at 6:00 PM (CST). You have to join the group to participate in the sale, so join us at to get in on the fun! And, measured kimono + obi sets will go LIVE here on our webstore at on July 3rd, along with other goodies we’ll be adding throughout the weekend!

We hope to see you this weekend for some online convention fun!  We hope that you’ve found our little corner of the internet well, and that you are just as excited for the good things we have coming.  Be sure to check back here for new additions to our website, new educational resources, new events, and new ways to celebrate cultural exchange through kimono! And in the meantime, please be sure to follow us on Facebook at or on Instagram @TangerineKimono for your daily wafuku fix! #DoYouKimono#YukataDoIt#KeepCalmKimonoOn


May 25, 2020

Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs has released our “State of the Mountain” address, which is available for viewing below.  Thank you to all of our fans, friends, and followers for helping us to survive this Covid-19 crisis.  We love you all, and we will continue to fight for you!  Please stay healthy and safe!  #DoYouKimono? #YukataDoIt! #KeepCalmKimonoOn


March 12, 2020

For the latest information regarding show and education event cancellations due to Covid-19, please visit the Convention Schedule section of our website, and look for announcements on  Stay safe everyone, and #KeepCalmKimonoOn.



Dec 18, 2019

Tangerine Mountain is pleased to announce our appearance on “The Princess and the B,” the hit Crown Yourself™ podcast series. The podcast’s host, Kimberly Spencer, is an award-winning high performance coach, Amazon bestselling author, wife, momma, personal development junkie, and the founder of, with a successful 10-year track record as a business owner. Each week, Kimberly and her guests share actionable tips, tools, and easy-to-implement advice for you to master your productivity, happiness, wealth, health, motivation, creativity, love, contribution, fulfillment, freedom, and personal growth.  In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why do people develop a passion for kimono? (5:00)
  • What is (and isn’t) cultural appropriation? (9:15)
  • How does Japanese art influence western impressionists? (13:30)
  • What are the challenges of sourcing the product into the country? (23:40)
  • How do you build resilience when facing difficulties? (34:00)
  • Why is your perspective in dealing with problems important to find a solution? (37:30)
  • What is a zone of genius? (40:00)
  • Why naming a company after an experience a good idea? (47:00)
  • How can you teach through experience and interaction? (50:00)

Based in the suburbs of Chicago, kimono sisters Cheri and Teri travel the USA to 30+ events and expos per year.  Through their business, Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, they engage in cultural exchange through teaching about kimono and making authentic wafuku, or Japanese traditional clothing, available to the public.

To listen to this episode, please go to:  Episode 69: Finding and Climbing Your Own Tangerine Mountain, or seek out episode 69 of “The Princess and the B” wherever you prefer to download your podcasts.


Nov 19, 2019

Kimono Though Time: Traveling Kimono Exhibition comes to the Holiday Folk Fair International

MILWAUKEE, WI – Special exhibits and displays will once again play an important role in the 76th annual Holiday Folk Fair International, America’s premiere multi-cultural festival, to be held Fri., Nov. 22 – Sun., Nov. 24, 2019, at the State Fair Park Exposition Center at in West Allis, Wisconsin. As such, Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, the largest importer of vintage Japanese garments to the United States, has been invited to support the cultural exchange efforts of the 2019 Holiday Folk Fair International through a special presentation of their traveling kimono exhibition: Kimono Through Time.

Among the numerous exhibits highlighting world cultures, Tangerine Mountain’s “Kimono Through Time,” will feature over twenty-five “wafuku,” or articles of Japanese clothing, that have been directly imported from Japan. The exhibit will identify antique to modern pieces, while highlighting aspects such as seasonality, motif, color coordination, and representation in modern and popular culture. The purpose of the exhibit is to engage the public in cultural exchange through kimono, and engaging Folk Fair attendees in unique educational opportunities by providing direct access to authentic materials.

Tangerine Mountain will also host a booth in the Holiday Folk Fair Marketplace, where attendees will be able to learn how to wear kimono in traditional and modern ways, and have the opportunity to purchase authentic kimono for themselves.

Holiday Folk Fair International Address and Hours of Operation are:

State Fair Park Exposition Center
8200 West Greenfield Avenue
West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

Friday, Nov. 22: 2 p.m. – 9 p.m.;
Saturday, Nov. 23: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.;
Sunday, Nov. 24: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Sun.

Advance tickets can be purchased for $10 through Thursday, Nov. 21, at the International Institute of Wisconsin, 1110 N. Old World Third St., Suite 420 in Milwaukee; and by phone (414-225-6225 or 1-800-FAIR-INTL); fax (414-225-6235); or on-line at In addition to the individual tickets, family four-packs are available for $36.  Admission at the gate will be $14 for adults; $8 for children ages 6 to 12; children under the age of five will be admitted at no charge. Those 62 and over will be admitted for $10, and all military personnel with a military ID card will be admitted free.

For more information on the 2019 Holiday Folk Fair International, visit


October  19, 2019

Come see Tangerine Mountain at the Japan House Fall Open House
October 19 | 11am – 5pm

Guest Lecturers Cheri Santellano and Teri Noto will be hosting a FREE presentation at 1pm, discussing their business’ origins, their special ties to Japan House, and their mission to engage in cultural exchange through kimono. See kimono on exhibit from their private collection, and the Japan House interns modeling pieces in a kimono fashion show! No tickets required, but seating is limited, so come early!

The Tangerine Mountain pop-up shop will be right outside Japan House from 11am – 5pm, with beautiful and unique imported kimono and other items from Japan. Cash and credit card accepted.

During the open House, guests can visit Japan House anytime from 11am to 5pm to see the facility, walk the gardens, watch or participate in a tea ceremony, and view the ikebana arrangements.

The presentation and entrance into Fall Open House are free and open to all. No reservations required. However, tickets are required to attend a tea ceremony. Reserve your tickets here –

#DoYouKimono? #YukataDoIt


June 14, 2019

Dear Friends and Customers of Tangerine Mountain,

My name is Cheri Santellano, and I am the president and founder of Tangerine Mountain. This morning it has been brought to my attention that hurtful defamation regarding who we are and what we do is yet again being spread. Unfortunately, these lies have once again made the jump from verbal statements to writing; and as such, Team Tangerine again feels the need to defend our good name and correct the lies being spread about us.

This morning, a statement made publicly by a convention attendee on the ColossalCon public forum stated, “Tangerine Mountain was at Colossal. But Ohio Kimono is better. No fake shit or re sell from Rag Stock.” While troubling enough on its own, this statement also shows that some of the content of the original defamatory statements made in writing by the proprietress of Ohio Kimono from 2016-2017 are still being shared by other parties that were not involved in that situation, and being spread as truth.

We believe that everyone should be able to support any business of their choosing, but that does not give people the right to spread hurtful lies. Stating that we sell “fake shit” is both false and ridiculous, and stating that we “resell from Rag Stock” is also false and ridiculous, especially given that our photographic evidence of receiving kimono in 20 foot cargo containers straight from Japan has been aired repeatedly on TV Tokyo in Japan.

To further set the record straight, at the end of this statement we will be sharing the original, lawfully published retraction that came as a result of our successful legal action against previous, similar lies. We have no desire to drudge up the past, but we feel this is a necessary step to take. We maintain the right to defend our business and good name through any reasonable means necessary, which is our goal in addressing this unfortunate situation today.

As our loyal customers know, we have always imported our vintage kimono and kimono accessory stock directly from Japan. We have traveled to Japan at least twice a year to ensure that we are current with kimono trends and to build additional relationships with suppliers. We do so to ensure that our actions are supported by and in turn support the Japanese community here and abroad. Today, we are proud to say that despite the defamation against us, our company has grown and flourished in ways we could not have even imagined at our inception. Our convention appearances have multiplied, and we have brought cultural programming to Japanese cultural institutions and to the convention circuit. We are the only kimono company in the USA to have been featured on prime-time Japanese television for our efforts. We are the only American business to have been selected for participation in the prestigious Kimono Salone Nihombashi, the premiere kimono expo in Tokyo. And, we continue to work with cultural institutions to bring kimono exhibitions, events, and programming to any and all throughout the country who wish to have access to authentic materials, collections, and education about kimono. Though our company started in a basement with a dream, our small family business has grown to a 3,000 square foot facility with the resources and connections necessary to spread our love of Japan and dedication to cultural exchange through kimono throughout the United States.

We would not have been able to get to this point if it were not for the love and support of our family, friends, customers, fellow vendors, convention staff, and partners with whom we do business. We want to take this moment to reassure those who brought this matter to our attention that we will not let such things stop or deter us from our mission, and we thank you for bringing this to our attention.

For further questions regarding this matter, or to report similar instances of such situations occurring, we encourage you to reach out to us directly at [email protected].

<<Retraction text>>

To Whom It May Concern,

You are receiving this letter because you have either had direct contact with me regarding the material contained herein, or have indirectly been the recipient of this information. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that over a period of time in 2016 and 2017 I made false statements to other people regarding Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, its owner, and associates.

These include, but are not limited to, statements that Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, its owner, and associates are uneducated about their product, lie to their customers, engage in unethical business practices, harass me and other vendors, engage in unwanted physical contact, violently injure convention personnel, sell bootleg material, and steal from other vendors. I had no factual basis to make any of these false statements and, with this letter, I fully retract them.

I further acknowledge that my false statements have harmed the reputation of Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, its owners, its associates, and that these statements have possibly influenced your opinion of Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, its owners, and associates. I also acknowledge that these false statements have had the potential to irreparably harm Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs’ ability to conduct regular and peaceful business through its participation at conventions, expos, festivals, and trade shows through which its owner makes her living. I have sincerely apologized to Tangerine Mountain Imports & Design, its owner, and associates for making these false statements. It is my intention that this full retraction restores all faith in the fair and peaceful operations of Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, its owner, and associates.

It is my intention through this retraction to correct any misperception regarding Tangerine Mountain Imports & Design, its owner, and associates, and to have taken the necessary action to preserve the reputation of both of our businesses with respect to the conventions, festivals, events, and people with whom we do business. If you have any further questions about this retraction, I request that you reach out to Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs or its attorney directly through the means provided below. Thank you for your prompt attention and anticipated cooperation in these matters.


Kerry Mackert

Ohio Kimono


May 14, 2018

On May 14, 2018, the exciting collaboration between Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs (みかん山) and Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda (きもの御司神田) was featured on TVTokyo’s Japanese Prime Time hit, “YOUは何しに日本へ?”  

During a return trip to Japan in February of this year, the founders and staff of Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs were approached by the TV crew of “YOUは何しに日本へ?”.  During the filming, the staff and crew discussed how business has grown since みかん山’s first appearance on the program, and the exciting custom kimono collaboration with きもの御司神田 that has since begun.  

We are extremely grateful to the role that TVTokyo and “YOUは何しに日本へ?” has played in bringing our businesses together for this collaboration, and we are excited to see what this additional exposure will do for our mutual efforts to engage in cultural exchange through kimono will bring.  Be sure to keep checking Tangerine Mountain’s Facebook page and website in the coming months for further updates on this collaboration, as well as other exciting initiatives we are currently pursuing.


May 1, 2018

On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs (みかん山) and Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda (きもの御司神田) began their exclusive sales “collaboration” for high-end custom-made Kimono to become available for the first time in the USA.

Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs is currently the largest importer of vintage Wafuku (Japanese traditional clothing) to the United States, and was featured on TVTokyo’s famous prime time television program “YOUは何しに日本へ?” on October 30, 2017 and May 14, 2018.  Selling over 7,000 Kimono and Obi sets annually, Tangerine Mountain is constantly working to engage in cultural exchange through Kimono with people in the United States by organizing educational sessions to teach others about Kimono history, dressing, and construction; as well as selling Kafuku at events around the country.  They also support various groups and cultural organizations dedicated to education about Japanese culture through Kimono donations that help support those organizations’ efforts to engage the public in traditional Japanese culture awareness activities.

“Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda” (きもの御司神田) is a long-established, high-class Kimono specialty shop, established by Mitsujiro Kanda in the Kaonji-city, Kagawa prefecture in 1919.  Through this unique and unprecedented collaboration between the two businesses, they will be able to deliver high-quality custom Kimono made in Japan quickly and without a linguistic barrier to customers of Kimono fans throughout the USA; and for the first time ever, American customers will have the opportunity to participate in the custom Kimono tradition.

Through our collaboration, each of our companies we will each other’s strengths, and aim to engage in cultural exchange through Kimono to ensure the future of the Kimono through the next generation and international market.

For further information about this collaboration, please contact us directly at [email protected], or via the “inquiry” button on each custom kimono listing in our webstore.


February 12, 2018

Tangerine Mountain to work with Harajuku Designer to bring more J-Fashion to the USA

Tangerine Mountain was honored to have the opportunity to meet with noted fashion designer Anri Sato, famous textile artist Misao Tsubaki, and Harajuku designer Chie Yamada of “Chatty Hatty,” in Shibuya on their latest trip.

Anri Sato-san has been designing cutting-edge fashions for decades, which has been seen on runways and fashion shows along side some of the best designs in Paris, France. His designs often incorporate upcycled kimono fabrics, which he has used to thrill international audiences by creating “kimono remake” haute couture. Misao Tsubaki-san, wife of Sato-san, is an internationally famous textile and fiber artist, whose works grace the walls of museums around the world. To Tsubaki-san, the upcycled fabrics she uses to create her works are like pigments with which she “paints” abstract, tactile, and captivating works of art. Designer Chie Yamada-san has studied under Anri Sato-san for years, becoming inspired by his works and current J-Fashion trends, to create intricate and visually intoxicating hats, Lolita-style dresses, and fun fashion-forward accessories that appeal to the modern generation. Her designs can be found in fashion shows and exhibitions throughout Tokyo, as well as in boutiques in Harajuku’s main fashion street, Takeshita-Dori. They are also been available for purchase, in Japan only, through her website,

Tangerine Mountain’s staff was honored to meet with such a prestigious group of designers, and were thrilled to engage in cultural exchange with them through their mutual love of Japanese fashion. In meeting with this group, Tangerine Mountain hoped they could work together to welcome in a new generation of creative design that would further their cultural exchange efforts between Japan and the United States. As a result of this meeting, Tangerine Mountain and Chatty Hatty have agreed to a collaboration that will bring Yamada-san’s J-Fashion designs inspired by kimono, lolita, kawaii, and other fashion movements to the US; starting with availability that will be coming soon to Tangerine Mountain’s online store. It is our mutual goal to bring J-Fashion more meaningfully to the USA through collaborative fashion shows and educational programming, while at the same time giving Tangerine Mountain’s American customer base an easy and affordable way to participate in the larger J-Fashion world.

Tangerine Mountain is excited and honored by the opportunity to forge new relationships with J-Fashion designers, and is looking forward to the many opportunities they will have to share a wider variety of J-Fashion with their fans and customers in the United States. Be sure to keep checking their Facebook page and website,, in the coming months for further updates on this collaboration, as well as other exciting initiatives.


February 7, 2018

The staff of Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs was thrilled to meet with kimono educator and celebrated author Sheila Cliffe, and discuss the future of kimono in Japan, the USA.

A certified kimono dresser and enthusiast, Miss Cliffe is known for creative kitsuke and finding balance between the historical rules of wearing kimono and the current modernity of the kimono-wearing climate.  According to the Japan Times, her most recent book, “The Social Life of Kimono” celebrates,  “the power grab by young people and the internet out of the hands of the kimono establishment.”  As such, Miss Cliffe wears kimono everyday, engages in written discourse on kimono through various outlets, and helps support independent projects, such as Akira Time’s kimono art book entitled “The Wafuku Anarchist,” in an effort to keep kimono relevant as new styles and interpretations of wearing are created and cater to today’s modern world.

To read the Japan Times article referenced in this announcement, please click here.  Cliffe’s book, “The Social Life of Kimono,” can be purchased on Amazon here.  To purchase your copy of “The Wafuku Anarchist,” please contact us directly at [email protected], or visit our booth at one of our upcoming events.


February 4, 2018

Special Announcement: Tangerine Mountain to meet with Wheelchair Kimono Designer Asakura Sanae

Tangerine Mountain is excited to announce our meeting with Wheelchair Kimono Designer Asakura Sanae, of Tsukuba Ibaraki. After seeing Tangerine Mountain founder Cheri Santellano appear wearing yukata while in a wheelchair on the Japanese Prime Time TV hit, “YOUは何しに日本へ?,” Asakura-san was inspired to reach out to Tangerine Mountain to share her inclusive kimono designs.

Asakura-san was inspired to create her innovative “Wheelchair Kimono” thanks to her ageing grandmother, for whom she wanted to create fashionable kimono that could be easily and comfortably put on while using a wheelchair. From that time forward, Asakura-san has participated in numerous wheelchair exhibitions, and in collaboration with wheelchair users, doctors, prosthetists, caregivers, etc., she has started her own line of fashionable kimono garments that highlight the natural beauty of people with disabilities through kimono, while at the same time seeing to the unique needs and comfort of those wearing her creations.

Winner of the “Good Design Award 2015,” and later featured on NHK and Japan TBS Radio, Asakura-san is dedicated to creating “barrier-free fashion.” As fellow entrepreneurs that are dedicated to cultural exchange, accessibility, and inclusivity through kimono; Tangerine Mountain is honored to meet with Asakura-san and explore how we can help share these inclusive garments with their fans and customers in the United States.

For more information about Asakura-san’s designs, please see her website at:


February 1, 2018

Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs to appear again on TV Tokyo Prime Time Hit “YOUは何しに日本へ!”

After only a few moments on ground in Japan, and we were delighted to be greeted by old and new friends. The TangerineMountain (みかん山) staff would like to say a very heartfelt, “どうもありがとうございました!!” to all our friends at  YOUは何しに日本へ and TVTokyo for following up with us on our kimono business adventures, and for being the vehicle through which we have been able to engage in even more cultural exchange through kimono.  Please check back for airing dates, and for more updates on our exciting initiatives.


January 27, 2018

Collaboration Announced: Luxury Line of Custom Kimono, Hand-Crafted in Japan: Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs (みかん山) is proud to announce a new collaboration with kimono house きもの御司神田 (Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda), and the upcoming launch of their new custom-kimono line, available soon for order at

きもの御司神田 (Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda) is a family-owned, custom kimono business that was originally founded by Mitsujiro Kanda in 1919. For nearly 100 years, the Kanda family has passed the business from generation to generation, dedicating themselves to creating beautiful custom-tailored kimono for their customers. Sourcing their fabrics and kimono materials directly from Kyoto, Kimono Ontsukasa Kanda has been working hard to expand its reach with the goal of bringing the beauty of fashion and culture.

Since their inceptions, both businesses have been proud to serve their customers with the highest quality wafuku possible. To accomplish their shared goals, Kimono Otsukasa Kanda reached out to Tangerine Mountain, and both businesses have been working for months on a collaboration that will allow Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs to become the first and only kimono business in the United States to offer a “Luxury Line” of custom-tailored, hand-crafted, silk kimono, utilizing traditional methods, through きもの御司神田.

In order to finalize details and the launch date of this new product line, Tangerine Mountain’s staff will be travelling to meet with the staff of きもの御司神田 during its upcoming trip to Japan, scheduled January 31 – February 10, 2018.

To stay up-to-date regarding this launch date, as well as other exciting initiatives and collaborations in progress, please refer to announcements made on and the company’s Facebook page at Inquiries can be made directly to Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs at [email protected]

(Pictured below: Koichiro and Misato Kanda, owners of きもの御司神田)


October 31, 2018

So exciting! Thanks to TVTokyo’s smash prime time TV hit, “YOUは何しに日本へ?Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs (みかん山) is hitting Japanese web news, and Japanese people are taking to Twitter to voice their support for us spreading our love of kimono in the USA!

Thank you to everyone who has sent us kind messages of support! Please know that we are getting back to everyone as we are able, and your encouraging words give us such strength and happiness! Thank you so much!


October 30, 2018

Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs (みかん山) has appeared for the first time on TVTokyo’s prime time Japanese TV hit, “YOUは何しに日本へ?

This past September, the founders of Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs (also known as みかん山)  were approached by the television crew of “YOUは何しに日本へ?” ( “Why did YOU come to Japan?”) as they arrived in Japan at Narita Airport.  During this encounter, they discussed how Tangerine Mountain came to be, how kimono are loved in the United States, and what founders Theresa Noto and Cheryl Santellano were planning to do on their trip to Japan.  The sisters shared that they were making a pilgrimage of sorts to Mount Kōya (高野山, Kōya-san), as they named their business after a special moment that occurred there many years ago. 

For more information regarding the start of Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs, please see their website’s “About Us” page at:  For a written copy of Tangerine Mountain’s appearance on 
YOUは何しに日本へ?”, please visit:


October 20, 2018 

Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs to be featured on “Critically Absurd TV.”

Tangerine Mountain will appear on “Critically Absurd TV,” a web TV publication based in West Virginia. Through the show, Critically Absurd TV’s mission is to engage with and, “educate the community in gaming, comics, TV, movies, and to also explore the lives of those in the topics we cover.”  While at an event in West Virginia, the staff of Tangerine Mountain were approached by the crew, and asked to do a kimono dressing demonstration, discuss the founding of their business, and discuss the differences between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange as it pertains to sharing kimono with the USA.

For more information or to view the interview, please visit Critically Absurd TV’s page here:


September 15, 2018

Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs is excited to announce that we will be making our first appearance on Japanese Prime Time TV later this year!

While making their way to the mountain after which they named their business, Tangerine Mountain founders Cheri and Teri encountered the crew for TVTokyo’s hit “YOUは何しに日本へ?” (“Why did YOU come to Japan?”.  Hosted by the comedy duo known as “Bananaman,” this program follows foreigners through Japan’s airports, streets, beaches, festivals, and other exciting locals in order to discover why each individual is making their unique journey to Japan. Narrated by Nigerian-born TV personality Bobby Ologun, the program has featured encounters with celebrities, including British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, American former baseball player Leron Lee, professional wrestler Bob Sapp, and others.

The crew for “YOUは何しに日本へ?” will document Cheri and Teri’s journey through Japan, as they make their way to Mount Kōya (高野山, Kōya-san), as they named their business after a special moment that occurred there many years ago.  Broadcast date to be announced soon.