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Shipping Policies and Terms of Use


We constantly add tons of items to the web store throughout the weekend.  We wish we could just dump thousands of items online at once, but as we’ve explained below, we’re a tiny family business and we are posting tons of one-of-a-kind items using a somewhat kludgy bulk uploaded with images associated by hand.  That primal scream you just heard was probably our web monkey–sorry about that.

If you place multiple orders over the course of this special sales weekend, you won’t overpay for shipping/handling, because we’re not out to make money on shipping and handling fees.  We don’t start processing orders until the day after Cyber Monday.  So we’ll look at all your orders, consolidate them as much as humanly possible given weight and size constraints, calculate shipping, and then refund you the difference.  It may mean one refund on one order, or multiple small refunds that add up to the total across your multiple orders–but ultimately, the math will work out.  If you have questions, feel free to reach out.

Thanks for your patience, as we are usually deluged with orders the week after Thanksgiving.  Have a great Holiday Season!


Shipping is calculated by your address using whichever carrier you select at time of checkout.  Orders are handed off to your carrier of choice as quickly as possible, but as we are a tiny business (unlike certain huge conglomerates with drones and an army of white trucks at their disposal), if we are at a convention (check our schedule), it may take longer to ship your order because we’re not in town to pack it (we wish we had a Jarvis to automatically pack boxes and serve us refreshments while snarking at us, but…again, tiny business).

Return Policies

All sales are final and there are no returns.  We had to put that in bold because lawyers.  That said, if somehow our brains landed on a dead cell and we sent you obviously the wrong thing, if you tell us within 30 days, we’ll send you what you actually ordered or provide store credit if it’s not in stock anymore.  We don’t anticipate that happening, but we should say that just in case.  For fabric bundles, please remember that these fabrics are offered AS-IS, with all faults and that they are offered at great discount from our wearable stock because there is some damage to them, or we’ve cut up damaged pieces to fulfill your order.  For wearable items, assume they’re vintage unless otherwise noted.  As we state in our FAQ, if the vintage clothing contains a condition issue, it’s just like at our booth–the price has already been reduced accordingly and we cannot accept returns on it, either.  Those are sold as-is, with all faults as well.

Back Orders

We constantly have new items coming in from Japan, and we also go to many conventions, so our stocks vary constantly.  We make every effort to adjust accordingly, but it is possible that you want more than what we have earmarked for our website.  We allow back orders for some items, though, and you will receive notification if an item is back ordered.  We will email you with an estimated order fulfillment time ASAP.  Please be sure to check your email, including your spam/promotions inboxes, so you don’t miss that information.


Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you ASAP. If we’re at a convention (please check our schedule), it may take a little longer.  Thanks for your understanding!

Terms of Use

Due to their vintage nature, all items are sold in an “as is” and “with all faults” condition.  In addition, the risk of loss or damage in transportation lies solely with you, the customer.  However, if the wrong type of item is received and you notify us within thirty (30) calendar days, Tangerine Mountain will either send you the type of item ordered, or provide a store credit if this type is no longer in inventory.  This receipt-of-nonconforming-goods warranty is in lieu of all others, and Tangerine Mountain expressly disclaims all other conditions, warranties, and representations, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, and repair, replacement, or otherwise in nature, relating to the items ordered and sold through this website, and relating to any promotional items or other gifts provided through or assisted by the operation of this website, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or use.  Because some jurisdictions do not permit the exclusion of certain warranties, these exclusions may not apply to you.

International orders and shipments are subject to special considerations and additional costs, and customers outside the United States are encouraged to contact Tangerine Mountain in advance of order placement. 


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