Virtual Kimono Exhibition

Welcome to the Online Version of the Tangerine Mountain Imports & Designs

Virtual Kimono Exhibition: Kimono & Anime

We are excited to share that in 2021, Anime Expo and Tangerine Mountain joined forces to create a completely virtual exhibition about kimono, presented through the lens of anime.  Anime Expo approached us to curate a special exhibition of kimono that fused together historical pieces and ensembles that represent your favorite characters in some of the most popular anime of all time.  Through this exciting exhibition, we continue in our quest to expand access to English language information about traditional Japanese clothing.  We took a deep dive into our collection of hundreds of historical pieces, and even utilized pieces that are hundreds of years old, to try to find the perfect pieces to represent accurate kimono ensembles for select characters in popular anime.  We would like to give special thanks to Tiffany E. Modeling / LadyKage, whose modeling talent brought these characters to life; and the Fabyan Japanese Gardens of Kane County Illinois, for allowing us to film on location. We hope that through this virtual exhibition, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about kimono through the lens of your favorite anime.

Be sure to also check out our follow-up Educational Panel, also created for Anime Expo Lite 2021, about Kimono Motifs and Cosplay, which also appears at the end of this linked video set.