Tour of Japan Boxes

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Welcome traveler!  If you’ve found your way here, you’ve started your quest to learn more about the various prefectures and areas of Japan!  While unfortunately we all can’t travel to Japan at the moment due to Covid-19, we can at least bring part of Japan to you through our “Tour of Japan” Boxes, which are available via our webstore.

The sub-pages below will quench your thirst for knowledge about these far-off places, and hopefully inspire you to visit them yourself once you are able!  And, if you’ve purchased one of our “Tour of Japan” Boxes already, then you’ll be equipped with regional treats that come from each specifically highlighted area.  So grab your tour bag and get ready for some fun as we learn more about Japan!

These articles are in process of being completed over the Christmas/New Year Holiday.  Please check back ASAP to see all the articles, pictures, and videos we have in store for you!